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Best Disc Golf in Arkansas: Unveiling Top-Rated Courses

Arkansas offers some of the best disc golf experiences in the country, with its picturesque courses and diverse terrains. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport, Arkansas has something for everyone. From challenging wooded courses to open fields with stunning views, this state has it all.

Disc golfers can explore various courses nestled within Arkansas’s natural beauty while enjoying a mix of technical throws and strategic gameplay. This guide will unveil the must-visit locations where players can test their skills and immerse themselves in the captivating world of disc golf within Arkansas.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Arkansas’s diverse disc golf landscape by visiting top courses in different cities.
  • Little Rock offers a vibrant disc golf scene with a variety of courses catering to different skill levels.
  • Arkansas has gained global recognition for its exceptional disc golf courses, making it a must-visit destination for disc golf enthusiasts.
  • Discover hidden gems and unique terrains across Arkansas, providing ultimate disc golf experiences for players.
  • Consider the overall rankings and reviews of disc golf courses in Arkansas to plan the best disc golf adventure in the state.
  • Uncover the best overall course in Arkansas to elevate your disc golf experience and make the most of your visit.

Discovering Arkansas’s Disc Golf Landscape

Arkansas is home to some of the best disc golf courses in the country. With its diverse and picturesque landscapes, the state offers a unique disc golf experience that enthusiasts can’t find anywhere else. From rolling hills to dense forests, Arkansas’s natural state courses provide an unparalleled backdrop for this exciting sport.

The Ozark Mountains region, for example, features courses set against stunning mountain backdrops with challenging terrains that test players’ skills. On the other hand, the Delta region showcases flatter landscapes but incorporates water hazards and strategic tree placements to add complexity to the game. These natural state courses not only offer great gameplay but also immerse players in Arkansas’s breathtaking scenery.

Top Disc Golf Courses in Arkansas

Persimmon Ridge

Persimmon Ridge is renowned as one of the best disc golf courses in Arkansas. The course’s challenging terrain and stunning views make it a favorite among disc golf enthusiasts. Players are drawn to Persimmon Ridge for its exceptional layout and design, providing an exciting and memorable experience for all who visit.

The course’s hilly landscape adds an extra layer of challenge, testing players’ skills as they navigate through the course. With each throw, players are treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty, creating a truly immersive disc golf experience. For those seeking a thrilling and picturesque adventure, Persimmon Ridge stands out as an ideal destination.

Disc Side of Heaven

Disc Side of Heaven offers more than just top-notch facilities; it provides a disc golfing paradise for players at every skill level. Renowned for its scenic landscapes and well-maintained grounds, this course ensures that every player enjoys an unparalleled disc golfing experience.

From beginners to seasoned pros, everyone can find something to love about Disc Side of Heaven. The combination of immaculate fairways and diverse hole layouts caters to varying playing styles while offering stunning backdrops throughout the entire course. Whether you’re aiming for your first ace or perfecting your long-distance drives, Disc Side of Heaven promises a truly unforgettable disc golf adventure.

Old Post DGC

Old Post DGC holds a special place in Arkansas’s disc golf scene due to its rich historical significance combined with excellent playing opportunities. As players traverse the well-maintained layout surrounded by historic landmarks, they can appreciate both the game itself and the unique charm offered by Old Post DGC.

The fusion between history and modern-day enjoyment makes this course a must-visit for anyone passionate about disc golf or interested in exploring Arkansas’s cultural heritage alongside their favorite pastime. Each round played at Old Post DGC becomes not only an opportunity to improve one’s game but also a chance to connect with local history on every throw.

Pleasant View DGC

Pleasant View DGC offers more than just picturesque surroundings; it delivers an enjoyable yet challenging playing environment that appeals to all levels of expertise. The serene atmosphere enhances the overall disc golf experience

Little Rock’s Disc Golf Scene

Burns Park DGC

Burns Park DGC in Little Rock is a haven for disc golf enthusiasts. The course’s expansive layout and diverse hole designs provide ample space for players to test their skills and strategies. For example, players can encounter open fields, wooded areas, and water features throughout the course.

The dynamic playing environment at Burns Park DGC attracts both amateur and experienced disc golfers seeking a challenging yet enjoyable experience. With its strategic hole placements and varying terrains, the park offers an exciting opportunity for players to showcase their throwing techniques while navigating through different obstacles.


  • Expansive layout with diverse hole designs
  • Dynamic playing environment that challenges players’ skills and strategies
  • Appeals to both amateur and experienced disc golfers


  • None

Reservoir Park DGC

Reservoir Park DGC is another gem in Little Rock, offering a captivating blend of natural beauty and well-crafted holes. The course’s strategic layout appeals to players looking for a test of skill as they navigate through the park’s picturesque surroundings.

Disc golfers admire the beautiful landscape surrounding Reservoir Park DGC while appreciating the thoughtfully designed holes that present an ideal balance of challenge and reward. Players can enjoy honing their accuracy amidst scenic views, making this course a favorite among those who appreciate both nature and precision-based gameplay.

Key Information:

  1. Strategic layout appealing to skill-seeking players
  2. Beautiful surroundings complemented by well-crafted holes

Disc Golf Gems Across Arkansas Cities

Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas offers a variety of top-tier disc golf courses surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro, the region’s courses cater to all skill levels. The area is renowned for providing exceptional disc golf adventures, attracting enthusiasts from far and wide.

The diverse terrain and picturesque surroundings make Northwest Arkansas an ideal destination for disc golf. Players can enjoy challenging courses nestled within lush forests, rolling hills, and scenic valleys. For example, the J.B. Hunt Park in Springdale features an 18-hole championship course with wooded fairways and open fields that provide a mix of challenges for players of all abilities.

Central Arkansas

Central Arkansas boasts a rich selection of well-maintained disc golf courses that offer both natural beauty and engaging gameplay experiences. From wooded areas to open spaces, the region’s courses provide a blend of diverse landscapes suitable for various playing styles. As a hub for disc golf enthusiasts from different backgrounds, Central Arkansas welcomes players seeking enjoyable rounds amid stunning surroundings.

One such notable course is Burns Park Disc Golf Course in North Little Rock, offering 36 holes across two distinct 18-hole layouts: Blue Monster and Red Devil. With its strategic layout through dense woods combined with open fairways along the riverbank, it provides an exciting challenge while showcasing the natural beauty of the area.

Southern Arkansas

Southern Arkansas presents charming disc golf courses set amidst tranquil settings that embody Southern hospitality alongside captivating gameplay experiences. The region caters to discerning players who appreciate immersive outings in serene environments perfect for unwinding while enjoying their favorite sport.

A prime example is El Dorado’s SouthArkansas Community College (SACC) Disc Golf Course featuring an 18-hole layout set on beautifully landscaped grounds with elevation changes and strategically placed baskets creating an engaging experience for players.

Global Recognition for Arkansas Courses

Top 100 Rankings

Arkansas boasts several acclaimed disc golf courses that have earned spots in national top 100 rankings. These courses are celebrated for their exceptional design, playability, and overall appeal among players across the country. The fact that these courses have gained recognition in the top 100 rankings underscores the quality and allure of disc golf offerings in Arkansas.

The state’s courses offer a diverse range of challenges and features, from technical wooded fairways to open fields with strategically placed baskets. For example, the Northshore Disc Golf Course in Fayetteville has garnered attention for its picturesque setting along Lake Fayetteville and its challenging layout that appeals to both casual players and seasoned professionals. Burns Park Disc Golf Course in North Little Rock is known for its scenic beauty and well-maintained fairways, making it a favorite among local players as well as visitors from other states.

DGPT Stops

Arkansas serves as a notable stop on the prestigious Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) circuit, attracting elite players from around the globe. The inclusion of Arkansas as a DGPT stop highlights its reputation as a premier destination for competitive disc golf events on a professional level. This recognition brings an influx of talent and spectators to experience firsthand what makes Arkansas’ disc golf scene so special.

The presence of DGPT stops also contributes significantly to the growth of interest in disc golf within Arkansas communities. As more people witness world-class athletes competing at these events, it fosters greater appreciation for the sport while inspiring local players to elevate their skills through exposure to high-level competition.

In addition to hosting professional tournaments like those featured on the DGPT circuit, many local clubs throughout Arkansas organize regular leagues and events catering to various skill levels. These grassroots initiatives further solidify Arkansas’ standing as an inclusive and vibrant hub for all things related to disc golf.

Arkansas in the Disc Golf World Rankings

Course Evaluations

Disc golf enthusiasts in Arkansas are spoiled for choice with a diverse range of courses, each offering high-quality design, maintenance, and player experience. These evaluations provide valuable insights into what makes each course unique and appealing to both local players and visitors. For example, the Burns Park Disc Golf Course in North Little Rock is renowned for its well-maintained fairways and challenging layout.

Arkansas’ disc golf courses receive favorable evaluations, reflecting their standing as sought-after destinations for both local players and visitors alike. This underscores the state’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities that cater to a wide range of skill levels. The R.A.P.S (Recreational And Professional Sports) 9-hole course in Bella Vista exemplifies this commitment by offering an enjoyable experience for beginners while still presenting challenges for more experienced players.

Player Performance

In Arkansas, disc golf isn’t just about playing; it’s about enhancing skills, elevating performance, and enjoying competitive play across various skill levels at outstanding courses throughout the state. Players have ample opportunities to achieve personal milestones and improve their game within conducive settings that emphasize enriching experiences.

The emphasis on player performance underscores Arkansas’ commitment to fostering a supportive environment where individuals can excel within the realm of disc golf. Whether it’s at Massard Creek DGC in Fort Smith or J.B Hunt Park DGC in Springdale, players can engage in spirited competition while experiencing diverse playing conditions that contribute to their growth as athletes.

Ultimate Disc Golf Experiences in Arkansas

Arkansas offers championship-caliber disc golf courses that meet professional standards. These venues feature challenging layouts, demanding precision, strategy, and skillful execution from players at all levels. Arkansas’ commitment to championship caliber is evident in its world-class facilities catering to elite-level competition.

The state’s championship-caliber venues serve as esteemed hosts for major tournaments. They showcase their capacity to accommodate high-stakes competitions while providing an exceptional stage for top-tier athletes within the realm of competitive disc golf events held in Arkansas. This dedication exemplifies Arkansas’ commitment to elevating the sport through excellence and promoting professional disc golf.

For example, Northshore Disc Golf Course in Fayetteville is renowned for its challenging layout and picturesque setting along Lake Bella Vista. It has hosted several prestigious tournaments, including PDGA-sanctioned events and regional championships.

In addition to championship-caliber courses, Arkansas also boasts a wide array of family-friendly disc golf venues designed to provide inclusive environments for individuals of all ages. These thoughtfully crafted courses offer enjoyable rounds of disc golf amidst welcoming surroundings that encourage shared experiences and bonding moments among families, friends, and fellow enthusiasts alike.

The state’s diverse array of family-friendly venues caters to varying skill levels and recreational preferences within the realm of disc golf activities available in Arkansas. Whether it’s introducing children to the sport or enjoying a casual game with loved ones, these courses provide an ideal setting for fostering a love for the game across generations.

One prime example is Burns Park Disc Golf Course in North Little Rock—an expansive park offering two 18-hole courses suitable for both beginners and seasoned players alike.

Unveiling the Best Overall Course

Course Features

Arkansas’ best disc golf courses boast a wide range of captivating elements. From stunning scenic vistas to challenging technical layouts, these features create immersive playing environments for disc golf enthusiasts. The strategic designs and innovative course layouts contribute to enriching experiences for players across various regions in Arkansas.

The state’s vibrant landscape is teeming with noteworthy course features tailored to meet diverse preferences among avid fans of disc golf. For example, some courses offer picturesque backdrops that enhance the overall playing experience, while others focus on creating technically challenging holes that test players’ skills and strategies. These distinctive features make each course unique and appealing to different types of players.

One such notable feature is the variety of engaging hole designs found throughout Arkansas’s top disc golf courses. Players can encounter a mix of open fairways, wooded areas, elevation changes, and water hazards as they navigate through each hole. These diverse challenges add an extra layer of excitement to the game and require players to adapt their throwing techniques based on the specific characteristics of each hole.

Player Reviews

Prominent player reviews consistently highlight positive sentiments expressed by participants who have visited Arkansas’s best disc golf courses. Many players have praised exceptional course conditions that contribute to an enjoyable and fair playing experience for all skill levels.

Numerous reviews emphasize the picturesque backdrops featured at these top-rated courses. Whether it’s a sprawling park setting or a secluded woodland environment, players appreciate the natural beauty surrounding them as they engage in rounds of play.

Friendly atmospheres are another common theme in player reviews for Arkansas’s best disc golf locations. Participants often mention the welcoming community spirit fostered by both fellow players and staff members at these renowned venues.

Furthermore, outstanding amenities provided at these premier courses receive high praise from visiting players. Well-maintained facilities, convenient parking options, pro shops offering quality equipment, and other thoughtful amenities contribute to memorable experiences for everyone involved in disc golf activities within Arkansas.

Hidden Gems and Unique Terrains

Jaggerbush Hollow

Jaggerbush Hollow is a hidden gem in Arkansas, offering an idyllic setting surrounded by captivating natural beauty. The carefully crafted layouts of this disc golf course provide unique challenges set against breathtaking vistas. Players seeking enchanting encounters and memorable moments will find themselves immersed in the remarkable location cherished by aficionados drawn to its distinctive charms.

The landscape at Jaggerbush Hollows offers engaging prospects tailored toward satisfying cravings shared among avid fans eager to explore new frontiers. With its enchanting terrain brimming with enthralling possibilities, participants can embark upon unforgettable journeys encountered during exhilarating rounds played amidst the captivating landscape of Jaggerbush Hollow.

  • Captivating natural surroundings
  • Carefully crafted layouts with unique challenges
  • Breathtaking vistas and enchanting encounters

Beaver Fork DGC

Nestled amid serene environs, Beaver Fork DGC beckons enthusiasts seeking engaging rounds set against picturesque backdrops. Its meticulously maintained fairways and thoughtfully designed layouts offer challenging obstacles strategically positioned to accommodate varied skill levels. The sprawling expanse of Beaver Fork DGC provides delightful prospects tailored toward satisfying cravings shared among avid fans eager to explore new horizons.

Beaver Fork DGC’s enchanting landscape is brimming with enthralling possibilities awaiting discovery, making it an extraordinary site revered by aficionados passionate about embarking upon unforgettable journeys during exhilarating rounds played amidst its captivating scenery.

  • Serene environs and picturesque backdrops
  • Meticulously maintained fairways with challenging obstacles
  • Delightful prospects for varied skill levels

Creekside DGC

Creekside DGC offers an inviting ambiance complemented by lush greenery surrounding meticulously crafted fairways. Thoughtfully positioned baskets present engaging challenges suited toward accommodating varying skill levels throughout its sprawling expanse. This disc golf course provides delightful prospects tailored toward satisfying cravings shared among avid fans eager to explore new horizons found exclusively at this extraordinary site revered by aficionados passionate about embarking upon unforgettable journeys encountered during exhilarating rounds played amidst Creekside DGC’s enchanting landscape.

Final Remarks

Arkansas boasts a diverse and impressive disc golf landscape, with top-notch courses in various cities and global recognition for its offerings. From the well-established courses in Little Rock to the hidden gems scattered across the state, Arkansas provides ultimate disc golf experiences for enthusiasts of all levels. The state’s unique terrains add an extra layer of excitement, making it a standout destination for disc golfers seeking new challenges.

As you plan your next disc golf adventure, consider exploring the rich offerings of Arkansas. Whether you’re a local enthusiast or a traveler seeking top-tier courses, Arkansas has something special to offer. With its global recognition and unique terrains, it’s a destination worth experiencing firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Arkansas a top disc golf destination?

Arkansas offers a diverse disc golf landscape with courses that cater to players of all skill levels. From challenging terrains to scenic views, the state provides an array of experiences for both casual and competitive players.

How does Little Rock contribute to Arkansas’s disc golf scene?

Little Rock boasts a vibrant disc golf community with well-maintained courses and frequent tournaments. The city’s dedication to the sport has elevated its status as a must-visit destination for disc golf enthusiasts.

Are there any hidden gem disc golf courses in Arkansas worth exploring?

Yes, Arkansas is home to several hidden gem courses that offer unique terrains and unforgettable playing experiences. These lesser-known courses provide opportunities for players seeking new challenges and breathtaking natural surroundings.

What global recognition have Arkansas disc golf courses received?

Arkansas’s exceptional disc golf facilities have garnered international attention, earning accolades and recognition within the global disc golf community. This acknowledgment further solidifies the state’s position as a premier location for enthusiasts worldwide.

Which course in Arkansas stands out as the best overall option?

Amongst numerous outstanding options, one particular course in Arkansas stands out as offering an unparalleled experience that caters to various skill levels while showcasing stunning landscapes. It has earned acclaim from both local players and visitors alike.

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